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Digital Marketing in Dublin

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A recent 2018 survey found that over half of Irish businesses had no clear digital strategy with the main reasons quoted being lack of time and lack of trained staff.

Not hugely surprising given that businesses will have different digital marketing requirements at different stages of their development and it’s not always feasible to have a digital specialist employed on a full-time basis.

That’s where we come in!

By engaging with How Now Digital, you can have access to an experienced digital marketing expert, whenever you need, whether it’s to advise on strategy, implement AdWords campaigns, interpret data, provide training, or anything else.

Below are just some areas where we can add value to your organisation, but we’re happy to discuss all your digital needs. If we can’t help, chances are we know someone who can! 

Digital Audits 

You want to know how you’re doing online and how to do better. Learn more

Strategy Development

You need a digital marketing strategy but don’t have the resources to engage a senior digital professional on a permanent basis. Learn more

Online Activation 

You need support with day-to-day digital marketing activities, but don’t need a a full-time resource. Learn more

Training and Support 

You’re happy to do it yourself but just need some guidance and training. Learn more